Saturday, February 7, 2009

Forged Train in Motion: Day 1-2

You could talk about it as much as you want but despite the preproduction planning and hype, it's never official you're making a movie.

That is, until the director says action, and the cameras roll.

Well, it's on.

It's official for "Forged."

Cameras rolled in Northeastern Pennsylvania Thursday morning, on what looks like could be our coldest day of shooting.

Temperatures were in the single digits.

We shot at Dianne's house where Margo Martindale's character resides.

After beginning with an exterior between Chuco (Manny Perez), and Machito (David Castro), Dianne (Martindale) arrived on-set to begin hitting her scenes as well. As freezing as it was, what proved most evident in the cast was how well-prepared they were.

"They're all pretty much nailing it," director William Wedig said.

Takes were smooth and easy, our biggest problem being the bitter cold during exterior shots, and nailing the audio down on the porch shots, when cars and tractor trailers kept driving through.

On Day 2 the sun was out, and the temp was up around 25 so we were all ready to pull out the bathing suits. Once the sun went down and it was time for the night shoot in the garage, the weather was again unbearably cold.

Throughout our first two days Margo kept the cast and crew entertained with tales from her massive body of work (Do you know she was in The Firm??).

Meanwhile being a preteen didn't stop David from telling stories about all of his ladies. Although he isn't a preteen anymore. David's thirteenth birthday is today --- Saturday February, 7.

David and his mother Kathy headed back to Long Island for some family time for his birthday, and he has a dance competition. They should return to night to get ready for Sunday's shoot It could make for an interesting situation when you're shooting in someone else's home, but homeowners Joel and Stacy have been extremely accommodating.

They've been sweet and gone out of their way to be hospitable to the cast and crew. Their dog, meanwhile, seems to relax while casually strolling through the set, and making friends with just about everybody.

Although all are in agreement that's it's "damn cold," still the set remains laid back and fun.

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