Wednesday, February 4, 2009


It's 2:49 a.m., Thursday February 6, and the final countdown to kickoff is on.

Cast and crew have done their homework, studied the playbook, and are ready to take the field and get rid of these pregame jitters.

Manny Perez (Chuco), Margo Martindale (Dianne), and David Castro (Machito), as well as his mother Kathy are in town, and ready to begin filming.

Forged will beging shooting early in the morning, and then it's relatively non-stop for the next month.

In a few hours the cast and crew assembles for breakfast and then we head off to Noxen to shoot at "DIANNE'S HOUSE," where we'll be working hard through the weekend.

Everyone seems excited, well-prepared and ready to get to work in the near arctic temperatures of Northeastern PA.

Check out this story Electric City editor Randy Shemanski wrote on Forged, for this week's edition of popular NEPA weeklies Electric City, Diamond City as well as the 570 Website:

Randy did an outstanding job with this week, and EC/DC and the 570 always have all the up to date info on the area's arts and entertainment scene.

If you're out and about be sure to pick up a print copy of Electric City or Diamond City, and in addition to the Forged story, check out the photos courtesy of Tom Bonomo.

You'll find Electric City throughout Lackawanna County, and Diamond City in Luzerne.

Thanks for the support guys.

Here's the article link:

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  1. I think we came upon the place where you are shooting today. How very exciting! I'd be interested in knowing how you select your shooting locations. Perhaps I should go read some of your previous blog entries for more information :-)