Tuesday, February 10, 2009


Day 3-4 Scoop

Four days of "Forged" in the can.

One location wrapped.

And the train is still rolling ahead at full steam.

After our first day off Monday, it’s Tuesday morning and the cast and crew of "Forged" are putting all hands on deck and heading back to work this morning.

Today we’re shooting on Richmont Avenue, in the Green Ridge section of Scranton at a location that is considered to be the home of one of the film’s key bad guys, Moose, who is played by Kevin Breznahan.

Scenes today will be between Kevin and Manny Perez.

Dailies are looking absolutely sick. The red cameras are living up to their hype, and cinematographer Zeus Morand is living up to his.

Takes have been going smoothly with young director William Wedig going to work everyday well-prepared, knowing exactly what he wants.

And the stellar cast has been doing its part. Despite the intense shooting schedule (e.g. we shot 50 setups Saturday, 30 of them first team) actors have continued to nail their scenes all day long.

Unfortunately we’ve said goodbye to Margo Martindale, who wrapped Sunday. In addition to being a very disciplined actress, she’s always a warm, friendly presence on set.

She’s one of those people who is always entertaining, and just seems like a genuine person you’ve known your entire life.

During takes, though, she’s not joking around. Nobody is.

One of Margo’s scenes Saturday was between her and Kevin.

It was Kevin’s first scene and it involved him arriving at Dianne’s house to look for Chuco.

The scene involves a little interrogation, and ultimately Moose becoming violent with Dianne.

It was gripping.

Every take seemed so real that it played out rather disturbing. However Kevin would transition back into his fun-loving entertaining self between takes, even apologizing to the house’s dog Tar for yelling so loud, and being mean.

Then Margo’s daughter stopped by the set with a friend, showing up just in time for a front row seat to her mother’s intense scene. Liz, who is a junior at Binghampton University, drove down to hang for a little.

Also Happy Birthday to David Castro. The young star had the day off Saturday to celebrate his 13th birthday, and when he returned he was quick to tell us how things are different now that he’s a man.

“The girls look at me different now that I’m 13,” he said.

Jaime Tirelli, who plays bad guy Caesar, got his first reps in Sunday.

Like the rest of the cast he mixed his professionalism, with an innate ability to keep things light between takes.

Thanks to the Whistle Pig Far and Pumpkin Patch in Noxen. Homeowners Joel and Stacy were more engaging and accommodating than should ever be expected.

They had to be sick of us by the end, but never showed it. We’re all going to miss them!

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